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Stephanie Garrett

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Stephanie Garrett
Stephanie Garrett has a Master of Science in Information Sciences (MSIS) from the University of Tennessee Knoxville and a Bachelor of Arts in Theology (m. Philosophy) from Aquinas College in Nashville, Tennessee.

Stephanie believes that the Catholic faith and its teachings about human dignity provide a full and generous lens to view interpersonal engagement as a librarian. She is passionate about integrating her faith with her professional life and believes that it strengthens and supports her contributions to the world.

Stephanie seeks to recognize in everyone the human person “for whom Christ died” (1Cor 8:11; Rom 14:15) (Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, 2014. SS 105). Her personal objective is to bring into greater focus the sacredness of every individual.

Stephanie enjoys helping students with research and paper writing and assisting both faculty and students with the use of technology in the digital learning environment.

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