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Identifying & Using Scholarly Sources

Best practices for selecting authoritative scholarly sources for your research needs.

Turabian Paper-Formatting Worksheets

Margins & Page Numbers

Turabian Margins & Page Number Formatting Worksheet

Title Page

Title Page Tip Sheet


Table of Contents


Table of Contents Worksheet


Lists of Tables or Figures


Turabian Tip Sheet for lists of tables or figures


Introduction or Conclusion


Turabian tip sheet for introductions or conclusions


Main Text


Turabian Tip Sheet 6


Sections and Subheads


Turabian Tip Sheet 7


Chapter Opening Page


Turabian Tip Sheet 8


Figure and Figure Caption


Turabian Tip Sheet 9




Turabian Tip Sheet 10




Turabian Tip Sheet 11




Turabian Tip Sheet 12


Parenthetical (aka In-Text) Citations ***


Turabian Tip Sheet 13


Reference List


Turabian Tip Sheet 14

*** When writing papers for your CDU courses, Parenthetical (In-Text) Citations should only be used to cite the BIBLE, the CATECHISM OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, CHURCH DOCUMENTS, and the SUMMA. All other citations should be formatted as FOOTNOTES.